We specialise in cost-effective, industrial writing and document production - a complete service from original research and writing, graphics and desktop publishing through to electronic publishing and paper documentation systems. Our specialities are the energy, transport and heavy engineering sectors.
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 WELL-TRACK information for contacts and  sponsors  WELL-TRACK ( WELLington Transit Research Aquiring Comprehensive Knowledge), Brent Efford's 2003 Winston Churchill Fellowship study tour of North American public transport.
 Brent Efford Contact us at:
PO Box 2626, Wellington 6140, New Zealand
Phone +64 4 938 9380
 Trans-Action logo Trans-Action advocates tram-train for Wellington 

 Install Adobe Reader We are experts in using PDF to deliver paper-orientated documents electronically. Many documents on this site are in PDF format. You need to have the Adobe Reader plugin installed. If you haven't already got it, you can download it free from the Adobe website - just click the icon. Allow about 45 minutes for the complete download.

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