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Hi there!
This page is for your information if you are one of the people I look forward to meeting during the WELL-TRACK tour. I hope to meet people in many different roles:
Political leaders
* Business leaders and developers
* Transport planners
* Transit designers, engineers and construction/maintenance superintendents
* Consultants
* Transit regulators and funders
* Transit company managers
* Manufacturers and suppliers of transit equipment and systems
* Community advocates for transit and sustainable transport
* Trolley, rail and bus enthusiasts

Although I will be visiting you to gather 'best practice' information and ideas for application back in Wellington, New Zealand, I hope that the international contact will be interesting and useful for you, too.

How I will operate
I don't want to be an inconvenience for anyone kind enough to spare the time to meet me on this study tour. My approach will be:
* Meet and explain the relevance of your area of responsibility or expertise to our situation in Wellington
* Discuss the topics I am interested in within your area of interest and responsibility
* Record the discussion on video, interview style (if that is acceptable - otherwise take notes)
* Visit on-site, to depot, maintenance facility, station etc if that is appropriate
* Obtain simple basic documentation - brochures, timetables, advertising material, fact sheets etc - or note where this material can be found on the web.

Security and confidentiality
I am well aware of the heightened state of security awareness now the norm in the United States. I understand that there may be difficulties with taking video and photographs, particularly of railroad or transit facilities. I would appreciate advice as to potential areas of difficulty and would, of course, abide by any restrictions.
Likewise, I would observe any confidentiality requirements. I will not be interested in 'secret' information, anyway!

Help wanted
I have never been to North America before, and will be travelling on a limited budget (US$100 / day), so I may need help with local information. Advice on:
* Budget accommodation close to transit lines
* Options for getting to appointed meetings (I am studying transit, and will be using transit, Amtrak or walking - not autos - to get around)
* Local features, innovations and items of transport interest that I have not included in my itinerary but may want to see
* Places to avoid
* And other security precautions ...
will be gratefully received!

Feedback provided
I will provide a copy of my report on the tour on CD-ROM and other information to all my main contacts. I will also keep in touch by email and provide on-going information from Wellington for anyone who wants it.

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