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WELL-TRACK (WELLington Transit Research Acquiring Comprehensive Knowledge) is a project to obtain detailed 'on-the-ground' information about North American best practice to assist the imminent upgrading of Wellington's passenger transport network. I have been granted a 2003 Winston Churchill Fellowship for the study tour.

The Fellowship covers about a third of the cost. I am seeking additional sponsorship from organisations which will benefit substantially from the project.

Who will benefit?

Ultimately the people who live, work and play in Wellington will benefit the most from this project. (WELL-TRACK arose from my responsible position as representative of public transport users and pedestrians and cyclists on the Wellington Regional Land Transport Committee.) However, the direct and immediate beneficiaries of the WELL-TRACK project will be:

* regional and local government

* business boosters and economic leaders

* public transport operators

* community improvement groups

See the topics list for the items I propose to cover on the study tour. Sponsors will be able to add their own requirements to this list. Local decision makers benefit from knowing about world best practice, why it works, and what has been learnt about what doesn't work.

The WELL-TRACK study tour will capture detailed information from a relevant sample of North American cities, including input from local government officials and politicians, transit operators, and community and business groups.

I am therefore seeking your sponsorship.

What will sponsors get?

All sponsors will receive a comprehensive report, as required by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. In addition, sponsors will have the opportunity to:

* add related topics or amend issues being studied to include a special interest;

* receive a PowerPoint and/or video presentation relevant to the sponsor's interests;

* receive an extra customised report on details of selected issues;

* participate in a debriefing Q&A session tailored to their organisation;

* negotiate follow-up research on specific topics.

Realistically, the range of the above delivered would relate to the level of financial contribution or 'in kind' assistance provided, all of which are negotiable.

Sponsors will receive public exposure showing corporate social responsibility and an interest in sustainable solutions. Also, each sponsor's logo will appear on the WELL-TRACK internet home page, with the option of a link to the sponsor's website to increase its usage or knowledge of its content.

International contacts made or enhanced will also be of benefit to Wellington organisations in the future, e.g. more people knowing about Wellington, basis established for future dialogue. As well, I hope that this project will lead to reciprocal benefits for the people I meet in North America

What will the main report be like?

A high-quality desktop-published document, with extensive colour illustrations and drawings and easily read text, delivered as a PDF file on CD-ROM. (Delivery as a colour paper copy will depend on obtaining extra sponsorship for the printing costs in mid-2004.) The concept and format will be modelled on the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's June 2002 report Showing the way: Curitiba: Citizen City covering the study group tour to Curitiba. The WELL-TRACK report is quite likely to be longer, however. Because the main information gathering medium will be video, edited DVD videos of the whole tour and various specialised aspects will also be compiled. The information will also be maintained on the WELL-TRACK website.

WELL-TRACK sponsorship is value for money

I am seeking sponsorship to cover actual costs only. These include the cost of travel, budget accommodation, daily living, the fees for the Portland APTA Light Rail Conference, and the incidental costs of compiling the reports and presentations.

For only a few thousand dollars sponsors will receive reports and presentations of the quality and coverage for which consultants normally charge tens of thousands!

What kind of sponsorship is required?

I'm seeking financial contributions and/or 'in kind' offers. (A full budget is available on request.)

'In kind' contributions could include donating equipment such as digital video or portable IT equipment, or community group members may be able to link me to private accommodation with friends in the cities to be visited.

I propose to be in North America for 6 weeks, but will have to reduce this (and forego some of the value) if I can not cover the planned full cost. Therefore I'd like to confirm sponsorship arrangements as early as possible!

Proposed conditions

* I will not enter into any agreement, contract or obligation on behalf of a sponsor (or any other party) and will ensure that every US contact is aware of that.

* The details of each sponsorship will be confidential.

* Each special report for a major sponsor will be confidential to that sponsor.

When will the results be delivered?

The study tour covers the period October - November 2003, and special reports and presentations will be available from January 2004 onwards. The discussion of these will contribute to the content of the final report which will be available from May 2004.

Any questions?

Contact me to discuss your questions or refer to the separate information pages to get more details on:

* the information-gathering methodology to be used.

* issues to be investigated during the study tour

* details of the proposed itinerary

* my experience in public transport development.

How do you sign up as a sponsor?

I will call you to ask whether you are able to contribute to the WELL-TRACK study tour, or you could send me an email on, or call me (04) 801 9331 or 025 887 387 to arrange a meeting to discuss a sponsorship proposal.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Brent Efford

2003 Winston Churchill Fellow - WELL-TRACK study tour

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