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Why are you visiting North America, rather than, say, Europe? There would be good reasons to concentrate on Europe - Wellington's inner-city density and level of transit use is almost 'European" in nature, and the 'tram train' system developing in Germany and France, where light rail and heavy rail share the same tracks throughout the day, is the way we will probably go in Wellington.

However, North America has a lot to teach us as well. New Zealand's level of automobile use and dependency - SUVs and all - is almost as high as America's and we share a common culture in many other respects too. Transit systems and innovations that work well in that environment are likely to be relevant to us. Transit-orientated-development, the use of heritage trolleys, and the fortuitous location of the three largest electric trolleybus systems in the English-speaking world on the WELL-TRACK route are also reasons for studying North America.

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