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NZ urban environmentalists

Campaign for a Better City Originally formed to stop the Wellington Urban Motorway extension, this feisty and active group of mainly younger people has evolved into a multifaceted 'new urbanist' coalition. With strong links to Wellington's lively inner-city cafe and entertainment scene, they know how to have a good time in the process.

Civic Trust

Cycle Aware Wellington Wellington's active cycling promotion group

Sustainable Wellington Net contains a wealth of environmental resources, a calendar of upcoming green events, links to related local groups, and more! This electronic community network is designed to utilise the communication and information sharing potential of the Internet to promote and facilitate ecologically sustainable development in Wellington, New Zealand

Living Streets Make walking fun, safe and attractive.

Other campaigners

Less traffic Actually reducing traffic and reclaiming the streets for people? This Australian site shows how it can be done, to improve the quality of life in our communities. It shows how silly the conversion of our cities to motorways and car parks really is.

Carfree.com 'Carfree cities past, present, and future.Solutions to the problem of the urban automobile.' If it is comprehensive information you want, you won't do better than this site!

Traffic congestion and population growth We have heard about the threat of the y2k "bug". What about y6k, when the world's population passed the 6000 million mark? This site makes the link between overpopulation and traffic pollution.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute This is one of the think tanks behind the sustainable transport movement. This Canadian site is a rich source of research reports on traffic generation, modal choice, traffic calming and much, much more.

Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy Based at Murdoch University, Western Australia, Peter Newman and Jeffrey Kenworthy are the gurus of the sustainable city movement and their book Sustainablity and Cities: Overcoming Automobile Dependence is the 'bible'. You can buy it, and some of their other publications, through this site.

Context Not specifically transport, or even environmental, but a wonderful local resource for participatory democracy.

Oil Crash Our continued wasteful use of fossil fuels isn't just a greenhouse and pollution issue. The end of cheap oil may be sooner than you think. This site covers the issues that politicians and planners should be preparing for when the peak of oil production is passed in only a few years.

Government agencies

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority - just follow the transport signpost. EECA produce a regular Sustainable Transport Network Newsletter.

Light rail

Light Rail Transit Association This UK group has been plugging modern tramways and light rail since 1936. They have been behind a lot of the lobbying which led to the construction of new light rail systems in the US and the UK since 1980. This site has the latest news on the expanding light rail scene, technical information, history and lots of further relevant links.

Light Rail Atlas Called "Holland's light rail pages for a world-wide audience", this lively site also has plenty of links and pictures showing how well light rail can integrate into the urban environment.

Trams on railtracks The most compelling reason for light rail in New Zealand is its ability to use existing mainline railway tracks for high speed running through the region and then go downtown through the streets. The proposals for Auckland and Wellington both rely on this feature. This Dutch site shows how it is done.


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