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Introducing Transport 2000+ NZ

Transport 2000+ is a lobby group dedicated to pushing for environmentally sustainable transport policies in New Zealand. We oppose the encouragement given to car-dependency by local and central government. We want to end the "unlevel playing field" which encourages the growth of car and truck traffic while more environmentally-friendly modes are discriminated against and starved of resources. We advocate city development which encourages public transport, cycling and walking.

Although a small voluntary group in New Zealand, we draw a lot of inspiration and information from the large professional UK group of the same name.

How we function

Transport 2000+ NZ functions as a study group. We use the internet to gather information, discuss ideas and policies and lobby politicians and planners. We meet occasionally in Wellington, but we do not go in for organisational bureaucracy. Because we use the internet we don't need to spend money on mailouts - so there is no membership subscription. We support, and maintain an overlapping membership with, several other kindred organisations - see the links page for some of them.

Our members are ...

Typically - environmentalists, engineers, planners and consultants - but anyone is welcome to join.

Being a member means ...

Supporting our objectives, going on the email list, contributing ideas and information, researching, lobbying councillors and MPs (if you can), and (again, if you can) attending occasional meetings in central Wellington.


The co-ordinator of Transport 2000+ NZ is Brent Efford, PO Box 2626, Wellington, Ph 04 801 9331.

Email t2k@techmedia.co.nz